Lucas engine oil

Lucas petroleum based/conventional engine oil:

Lucas Petroleum Motor Oils are formulated with the highest quality paraffinic base stocks and an exclusive high performance additive system, including lubricity and anti-seize agents. They come in many SAE grades and meet or exceed current API specifications. These motor oils have excellent cold temperature properties and are compatible with both conventional and synthetic engine oils.

Lucas break-in oil:

The initial start up of a new engine is critical to its performance and life expectancy. How well and how fast the rings will seal could make the difference between winning and losing. Compatible with Ethanol, Methanol and high octane race gas.

Lucas semi-synthetic engine oil:

Our High Mileage Synthetic Blend API SP motor oil is a more economical option to synthetic motor oils, but still provides the benefits of a high quality, API certified SP engine oil and with added seal protection. For even more performance and longer drain intervals, consider Lucas Oil Products Synthetic API SP Motor Oils. Protect your investment and rely on Lucas Oil for your car's engine oil.

Lucas synthetic engine oil:

Lucas Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oils are an excellent product that provides the consistent viscosity needed for precision ET racing. They are blended with an exclusive additive package that includes lubricity agents and anti-seize agents that control drag like a zero weight oil and protect metal like a heavy multi-viscosity oil. They are excellent for normal highway usage. For more specific information on each oil please review our product specification sheets.