Ross Mopar pistons

Since 1979, Ross Racing Pistons has been at the forefront of piston technology, as a manufacturer of custom and off the shelf ,high-end forged aluminum racing pistons.  For over 40 years now, we’ve been one of the most trusted names in durability for high performance pistons! If you can race it, we can make a piston for it!  Our products can be found across all forms of racing, including: Top Fuel, Drag, Circle Track, Off-Road, Diesel , Boat, Motorcycle, Land Speed Racing and more.

Chrysler "A" block:

Chrysler big-block open/closed chamber:

Chrysler "B" & "RB" big-block 383 stroker pistons:

Chrysler "B"  big-block 383 stroker pistons:

Chrysler 6.1L HEMI (late model) pistons:

Chrysler 392 HEMI (early model) pistons:

Chrysler "RB" 10.5:1 Heavy Nitrous pistons: