Melling, replacement oil pump pickup, SBC, 5/8" Inlet, (M55/M55HV)

Item number: 55S1

A new Melling pickup tube/oil screen assembly provides the lubrication oil as well as protection for your oil pump from materials that find their way into the engine oil supply system. Contaminates enter your oil system via engine wear, extended time between oil changes and other internal engine sources. These contaminates can interfere with the proper oil flow and pressure spring functions resulting in engine damage and/or failure. Melling suggests that a new properly installed oil pump pickup/screen be a part of every oil pump installation.


Application: Chevrolet Small Block
Oil Pan Style: Stock Replacement
Oil Pan Depth: 8.125"
Oil Pump Style: Standard Volume/High Volume
Pickup Mount: Press-Fit
Pickup Material: Galvanized Steel
Pickup Finish: Black