Dura-Bond, Engine Hardware Finishing Kit, Chrysler Small Block 273/360, '64-'05

Item number: FKP-1

Engine tear down and cleaning can lead to broken, bent, distorted, or lost service parts. These kits include all of the necessary hardware and components needed to complete a rebuild such as dowel pins, cam bolts, seal housing components, woodruff keys, cam eccentrics, etc. The engine hardware finishing kits allow rebuilders an easy way to inventory and recoup lost costs on these components. All kit components are manufactured to precise OEM dimensions for exact fit.


Application: Chrysler Small Block 273-360 1964-2005
Camshaft Bolts Included: Yes, 1
Camshaft Bolt Washers Included: Yes, 3
Camshaft Eccentrics Included: No
Camshaft Sprocket Dowel Included: No
Camshaft Tray Bolts Included: Yes, 3
Cam Thrust Plate Bolts Included: Yes, 3
Camshaft Key Included: Yes, 1
Cylinder Head Dowels Included: Yes, 4
Oil Pump Dowel Included: No
Oil Gallery Plug Included: No
Chain Oil Tab Included: Yes, 1
Seal Housing Bolts Included: No
Seal Housing Dowel Included: No
Water Pump Shaft Thrust Plate Bolts Included: No
Woodruff (Crankshaft) Keys Included: Yes, 1
Distributor Tower Shaft Bushing Included: Yes, 1
Manufacturer: Dura-Bond