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AC Delco R85TS resistor spark plug, 14mm tapered seat, gasoline, each

Item number: R45TS

Delco Standard Spark Plugs are precisely engineered and manufactured to provide everyday reliability and efficient performance.


  • A copper-core center electrode that helps provide improved heat transfer to the tip, giving you the reliability you're looking for while improving its resistance to low-speed carbon fouling.
  • Hot-tip insulator heats fast and fires hot.
  • The nickel-chrome alloy on the ground electrode and center electrode sheathing resists wear from spark erosion and the corrosive environment of the combustion chamber.
  • Heat range 5. 


Edsel          1958-1960 (Most engine's)
Ford           1957-1986 (Most engine's)
Lincoln        1958-1972 (Most engine's)
Mercury      1958-1974 (Most engine's)