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AC Delco Gold Series oilfilter, Ford.

Item number: PFL400A

Keep your engine oil clean with an ACDelco Gold oil filter. These filters will trap particles up to 25 microns, or one-third the width of a human hair, expanding the performance, and lifespan of your engine. 


* Excellent filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow           management, and high durability
* Tight seals to prevent unfiltered oil from entering your engine
* Consistent, dependable oil filtration throughout the filters


  • Ford V6 171-177-182-213-232-238-245-256.
  • Ford inline 6 144-170-200-223-240-250-262-300. 
  • Ford windsor small-block 221-255-260-289-302-351.
  • Ford 385 big-block 429-460.
  • Ford FE block 332-352-360-361-390-406-427-428.
  • Ford Boss 302-351-429. 
  • Ford Y-block 272-292-312.
  • Ford MEL block 430.
  • Ford Modular block 281.
  • Ford Modified block 351-400. 
  • Ford Cleveland block 351.