Ford small-block 289 302 351W Gilmer belt drive kit

Item number: E43791

Ford small-block 289, 302, 351 belt drive and pulley kit. For use with water pumps with up to a 5/8" shaft.

Kit Contents:

  • Aluminum water pump pulley
  • Aluminum crankshaft pulley Has v groove for water pump.
  • Steel alternator pulley
  • 1.5'' Cog belt

The cogged 1 1/2" wide "Gilmer" style belt prevents slippage.  

Water pump and crank pulleys are a 1:1 ratio.  Must be used with the factory alternator position, alternator pulley has outside lips to help keep belt aligned.  

Will not work with A/C equipped vehicles with out modification.

Works with mechanical water pumps only (will not work with electric water pumps)