LS1 LS2 LS6 Cathedral Port Bare Aluminum Cylinder Head 225cc/62cc, set

Item number: E42007HFT

Bous-Performance aluminum cylinder heads offer horsepower, torque and performance that your LS engine is capable of achieving. Features a raised rocker rail for improved rocker arm/valve cover clearance. Our cylinder heads have been carefully designed to achieve the economic growth from a cylinder head right out of the box, and yielding larger capabilities of port velocity with potential of more flow volume with intake and exhaust runners, with room for a CNC program that blends the bowls and Port matching the for greater forced induction of our cylinder heads throughout the RPM range.

Available in bare or fully assembled heads. Please contact us for your specifications:

Sold as set. 


  • Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum
  • Combustion Chamber Volume (cc): 62
  • Intake Runner Volume (cc): 225
  • Combustion Chamber Style: Open
  • Intake Port Shape: Rectangular
  • Intake Port Location: Standard
  • Exhaust Port Shape: Round
  • Exhaust Port Location: Standard
  • Oiling Style: Through Pushrod
  • Intake Valve Diameter (in): 2.055''
  • Exhaust Valve Diameter (in): 1.600''