LS3 aluminium cylinder head, 4-bolt, 255cc Intake, 62cc Chamber, 2.165/1.60 valves, set.

Item number: E42006HFT

Designed for 4.00'' bore or lager engines. Available in bare of fully assembled sets. Please contact us for your specifications:

This cylinder head utilizes the best features of the LS7 & LS3 head together in one.

Sold as set.


  • 255cc intake runners.
  • 4 Bolt head design.
  • 62cc combustion chamber.
  • 12 degree Valve Angle.
  • Uses 2.165/1.600 intake & exhaust valves.
  • 8mm Valve Stems.
  • 2.60'' x 1.30'' Intake ports.
  • Require rocker mount for use with stock rockers.
  • Valve guides and seats installed.
  • LS3 intakes.
  • As Cast Aluminum. 
  • Standard intake and exhaust port locations.