RaceFlux Dowty Bonded Sealing Washer

Multiple options
Item number: HWA-4008

RaceFlux's bonded sealing washers are made from zinc-plated steel with a Nitrile (NBR) rubber bonded inner seal. These sealing washers will provide a leak free seal in straight fitting applications designed for crush washers or sealing washers. May also be used in place of an O-ring in applications where the opposing sealing surface does not feature an O-ring gland or O-ring boss.

These bonded sealing washers are "self-centering", meaning that the rubber seal features an additional inner seal with an internal diameter that is smaller than the screw's major thread diameter. With a tight seal around the screw, these washers center themselves while also creating a better seal. These washers work with all standard thread pitches.


  • Zinc-plated steel with high temp Nitrile (NBR) bonded seal
  • Self-centering
  • For straight thread fittings that rely on an O-ring, crush washer, or sealing washer
  • May be used with our straight thread AN fittings or straight thread Metric fittings