Self-Vulcanizing Silicone Tape

Item number: HT-01

Self-vulcanizing eletrcical tape is a non-sticky silicone tape that will bond to itself seamlessly after it has been stretched and wrapped around wires, hoses, pipes, and cables for automotive, electrical, or plumbing uses. The self-fusing bond is resistant against heat, direct sunlight, and water, making it a popular choice in the aviation and aerospace industry. Without a traditional adhesive substance, tape removal is easy and clean leaving no sticky residue. 

For automotive applications, this tape may be used to seal out dust and dirt from wiring harnesses, wiring connections, and hose ends.


  • Sold in 3 meter (10 foot) rolls
  • -40°F ( -40°C ) to 500°F (260°C) operating temperature range
  • 1022°F (550°C) melting point
  • UV resistant
  • 1.0" (25mm) wide
  • 0.012" (0.3mm) thick