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Fire-Retardant Silicone Heat Shrink Seals for AN Hose Assemblies

Multiple options
Item number: HSS-1018-64

RaceFlux silicone heat shrink seals are used to create a dustproof and waterproof seal on the ends of our silicone-fiberglass heat protection sleeves (HS1 series heat sleeves). 

To install, slide over the hose and heat sleeving before installing the hose ends. Center the sleeve and then heat with a heat gun or blow dryer to shrink.


  • Fire retardant and resistant to most chemicals and automotive fluids
  • -58°F (-50°C) minimum continuous operating temps
  • 392°F (200°C) maximum continuous operating temps
  • Temperature required to shrink sleeving: 194°F - 338°F (90°C - 170°C)