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RaceFlux Basalt-Silica Exhaust Pipe and Catalytic Converter Heat Shield

Item number: HS3-330-145

RaceFlux's basalt-silica heat shield protects your hoses, wiring, oil cooler, transmission, differential and other components from extreme radiant heat emitted by nearby exhaust pipes or catalytic converters.

With two installation orientations, this shield accomodates small and large exhaust pipes with outer diameters ranging from 1.75" to 7.00" (44.5mm to 178mm).

The heat shield is constructed with three distinct layers for maximum heat-protection. The exterior layer is manufactured from basalt fabric, or "lava rock", and has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 700-900°C (1,292-1,652°F). Insulatation is provided by a ceramic middle layer. The innermost layer is composed of silica fabric, which can withand extreme maximum operating temperatures of 1,000-1,350°C (1,832-2,462°F).

The kit includes worm clamps in two different sizes as well as 7.5" (190mm) max OD stainless steel zip ties to accommodate most pipe sizes. 


  • Designed to fit 4" to 7" (105mm to 178mm) OD pipes with a 5.7" (330mm) length or 1.75"-3.00" (44.5mm to 76.2mm) OD pipes with a 13" (330mm) length
  • Overall dimensions: 5.7" x 13" (145mm x 330mm)
  • Includes two 155-178mm max OD stainless steel worm clamps, four 33-57mm max OD stainless steel worm clamps, and four 190mm max OD stainless steel zip ties
  • Construction: Basalt fabric outer layer, ceramic insulation, silica inner layer, stainless steel clips and rivets
  • Operating temperatures:
    • -54°C (-65°F) minimum continuous
    • 1,000°C (1,832°F) maximum continuous
    • 1,350°C (2,462°F) maximum intermittent
  • Non-flammable