Bous-Performance Shootout highrise Vortec intake manifold, single plane, 3000 to 7500RPM, small-block Chevrolet

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Item number: E42424

Bous-Performance Shootout highrise Vortec, single plane, 3000 to 5500RPM, manifolds are perfect for your high performance racing small-block Chevrolet engine. These manifolds come in a satin, polished or black finish to match your needs. For use with square bore 4150 pattern carburetors like Holley & Edelbrock.


  • 6.06'' Tall
  • Satin, black, polished or endura-shine finish
  • 2.06'' x 1.08'' port dimension 
  • 3000-7500+ Rpm range
  • 360° single plane high rise design for outstanding power from 3000 to 7500+ RPM
  • Cast-in bosses on intake runners, can be drilled and tapped for use with nitrous
  • Square bore carb bolt pattern for the Holley 4150/4160 style carburetor
  • Ideal port position - allows custom porting for maximum power
  • Dual distributor hold-down provisions for extra protection against distributor rotation
  • Four corner water outlets
  • Accepts late-model water neck, air-conditioning, alternator, and HEI brackets