Taylor 8mm Spiro-Pro plug wire set, race fit 135° plug boot, over valve covers DSI, Ford small-block

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Item number: 76058

Race Fit Wires are designed for vehicles with headers. Sets are cut to exact length with boots and terminals on each end ready to install. Comes with an extra-long coil wire, one end complete, the other end ready to cut and install the correct boot for your choice of high-performance coil.

8.0mm Spiro Pro Ignition Wires are engineered to deliver superior performance with unsurpassed quality. They are the top choice amongst racers and enthusiasts with heat protection up to 600° F and 65,000 volts of dielectric strength. 8.0mm Spiro Pro wire sets offer superior heat protection across a broad range of applications for street and track.


  • 350 ohms per foot.
  • 0mm Outer Silicone Jacket.
  • Silicone inner core provides added heat protection and superior flexibility throughout its lifetime.
  • Highly conductive stainless steel spiral wound core.
  • Superior RFI / EMI suppression for applications with CD or electronic ignitions, on board computers, stereos, or pit radios.