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Taylor 10.4mm 409 Spiro Pro Series plug wire set, 135° plug boot, black, 11.75” truck header Chevrolet LS/LT III/IV/V

Item number: 79014

10.4mm 409 Series Ignition Wires provide continuous heat protection up to 600° F and 120,000 volts of dielectric strength. Each wire is constructed with a conductor, silicone core and fiberglass wrapped in a silicone jacket. Color coordinated silicone Pro Boots feature vibration proof double spring lock spark plug terminals.


  • 350 ohms per foot
  • 10.4 mm Outer Silicone Jacket
  • Highly conductive helically wound core
  • Silicone inner core provides added heat protection and superior flexibility throughout its lifetime.
  • Superior RFI / EMI suppression for applications with CD or electronic ignitions, on board computers, stereos or pit radios
  • Universal fit sets will require cutting to fit, terminating, and booting the distributor end