Pertronix Digital rev limiter.

Item number: 600

Flame-Thrower digital rev limiters work with any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine using points, OEM electronic (GM HEI, Ford, Chrysler) or aftermarket inductive type ignition systems including our very popular Ignitor and Ignitor II points replacement systems. This digital microcontroller based unit provides a much greater accuracy (+/-0.01%) over analog systems. There is no need for old resistor style pills or chips, our easy to use rotary switches adjust the RPM limit to an ultra fine resolution of 100 RPMs. Our proprietary algorithms provides superior control of rev limits and a rapid response time to over rev limit events, preventing engine failure. Rev limiters come with multiple analog filters and one digital filter to prevent coil noise interference from affecting the established rev limit. Installation is a snap with a four wire hookup and easy to understand instructions. The rev limiter's small size permits installation in even the most crowded engine compartment.


 • Digital microcontroller based unit provides greater accuracy (+/-0.01%) over analog systems.
 • Easy to use rotary switches permit settings with a resolution of 100 RPMs.
 • Tachometer output with TTL interface and near 50% duty cycle make our limiters compatible with most modern tachometers.
 • Reverse voltage protection.
 • Conformal coated surface mount PCB for reliability .
 • Easy four wire hookup. • Compact size: 3"L X 2.5"W X 1.4"H.
 • Lightweight: 0.75 LBS.