Pertronix Digital HP ignition box.

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Item number: 510

The Pertronix Digital HP box has more features and benefits than any other box on the market at the same price. Look at the specification sheet below for all details.

The Digital HP Ignition Box delivers 172 mJ of Spark Energy and features an integrated 3 step digital REV limiter. Continuing the PerTronix standard the Digital HP also delivers multiple spark all the way to redline. Key features also include an RPM triggered output, adjustable start retard, locking automotive connector, tachometer output lead, and onboard error logging all in an ultra small form factor.


  • Integrated 3 Step Digital REV Limiter.
  • Locking Automotive Connector.
  • Multiple Spark All the Way to Redline.
  • Tachometer Output Lead.
  • 172 mJ of Spark Energy.
  • Ultra Small Form Factor.
  • RPM Triggered Output.
  • Onboard Error Logging.