Lucas Marine grease

Item number: 10320

Lucas Marine Grease is a premium, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, heavy duty OBCS grease containing unique polymers, anti-wear agents and tackifiers with inherent rust and oxidation resistance to provide the highest performance properties. It has been designed to lubricate under the most severe operating conditions in marine applications and because of its adhesive properties, it effectively stays in place.

Lucas Marine Grease provides excellent fresh water and salt water corrosion protection. Its fortified formula provides excellent extreme pressure properties, effective water resistance and shock loading protection as indicated by the typical weld point of 500 kg. The minimum industry standard is 200 kg.

Lucas Marine Grease is a truly universal marine grease with applications in trailer wheel bearing, trailer chassis lubrication and outboards. It also has crossover applications in automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication.



  • OBCS (Overbased Calcium Sulfonate).
  • Typical weld point of 500 Kg the minimum industry standard is 200 Kg.
  • Timken Load 65 lbs.
  • Dropping point 570 °F.
  • Provides rust and corrosion protection in both fresh water and salt water environments.
  • Effective Water Resistance.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Resist Extreme Pressure.
  • Extreme Friction Reducer.
  • Available in 14Oz cardridge