Pertronix distributors

The distributor in your engine is a multi-tasking mechanical machine! It sends the spark to each cylinder at exactly the right moment, it triggers the coil when to fire, it advances the ignition timing and, in most cases, is used to spin the oil pump. Every Pertronix distributor, from our Flame Thrower line to Billet Marine models and even our industrial series have been designed to achieve these goals – for thousands of miles. 

Our line of Billet Plug n’ Play Distributors are based on a precision CNC-machined housing with an upper ball bearing to support the steel distributor shaft accurately from idle to redline rpm. These distributors feature our maintenance-free Ignitor II or III electronic ignition module to produce a strong spark and steady ignition timing. If you plan to run our Digital HP or Second Strike Ignition box, our Magnetic Trigger Electronic Distributor is an ideal candidate featuring an adjustable mechanical advance and simple trigger connection. 

For restorations and a more factory OEM look under the hood, our Stock-Look Distributor features many of our advanced features, but in a cast housing to provide a stealthy ignition upgrade. All of our automotive distributors are supplied with a high quality cap and rotor, easy to adjust mechanical advance and a vacuum advance canister. 

To make your decision easier, we also offer complete Distributor Bundles that are supplied with a performance distributor, Flame-Thrower Coil and our high suppression MAGx2 Spark Plug Wires. 

Technical information:

Pertronix ignition system diagram

Pertronix billet distributor dimensions

Pertronix HEI distributor dimensions