SRE R+R cylinder heads

SRE R+R (Road + Racing) cylinder heads are fully assembled, machined & tested in the Netherlands. We are only using components that we support for a 100% and we machine/assemble the cylinder heads, if desired, completely to your specifications!

As cast:
As cast R+R cylinder heads are a real upgrade for your street/strip engine. Available for use with hydraulic flat tapped or hydraulic roller camshafts. These as cast R+R cylinder heads deliver, just out of the box, excellent performance over a wide RPM range.

The Racing cylinder heads are completely machined (ported, larger valves, etc.). This makes the R+R cylinder heads very suitable for various branches within motorsport. These cylinder heads are built entirely to your specifications.

SRE R+R Chevrolet cylinder heads:

SRE R+R GM LS cylinder heads:

SRE R+R Ford cylinder heads: