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Chevrolet big block, open chamber high compression

Item number: 99546


Recommended for applications using nitrous (250HP shot) / not recommended for turbo applications. Image is a representation of this item. Actual item may vary.



 Complete set of pistons, locks, 5115 series straight wall pins & oil rail spacers (as required).



Piston top type: dome top.
Bore: 4.280" to 4.625".
Stroke: 4.760" to 4.250".
Rod length: 6.135" to 6.535".
Compression height: 1.120" to 1.768".
Compression ratio (109.00): 15.40
Compression ratio (118.00): 13.70
Compression ratio (124.00): 12.80
Dome volume: 45.00 to 51.00.
Dome height: .500" to .700".
Gram weight: 529 to 618.
Rings: 1/16", 1/16", 3/16".
Ring set: CR9190.
Rings included: no.
Oil rail spacer: ORS-425.
Pin type: 5115 straight wall.
Pin diameter: .990".
Pin length: 2.930".
Pin wall: .150".
Pin weight: 146 grams.
Pin buttons: not included.
Block height: 9.800".
Top land: .282".
Second land: .125".
Oil land: .070".
Deck thickness: .200".
Intake cutter: 2.400".
Exhaust cutter: slant.
Intake depth: .320".
Exhaust depth: .120" up.
Note: Compression ratio based on .050 piston to head clearance (deck & gasket combined).